Can I wear a black wedding dress?

Can you wear a black wedding gown? Of Course.

In the US, there are no laws that govern the color of one’s wedding gown. In fact, one can get married wearing a bikini or even transgender clothing in most parts of the US. Note that churches, country clubs, private venues and public spaces have public decency laws/codes which may curtail certain clothing.

Should you wear a black wedding gown? Only if you have a GOOD reason to. Because a black wedding gown can easily be mistaken for an evening gown, which happens to be black. It has to fit within a theme. Make certain to choose one that says, “I’m a wedding gown.”

Unlike a white gown which stands out in a sea of color to indicate the “bride,” a black gown may require that all the guests are told not to wear black.

White is easier… there aren’t any other occasions in one’s life when one gets to wear a white or ivory gown to an event which everyone else is “not allowed” to wear white.

Choose carefully! Not just any black gown will do… the styling must show you to be a bride, not a widow!

Here’s a Gothic black gown with matching hairstyle and make up:

Is there a good reason to wear black, then? Sure, I can imagine a few…

If you are reversing the color scheme and putting guests and bridal party in white or gold, say, so that the bride’s black gown stands out!

If you are getting married in a small ceremony at city hall or in a chapel with only a few witnesses, and will go out to dinner afterward…and plan to put all your funds toward starting your new life together.

If your groom is in a white tux and bride in a black gown to indicate an unconventional, non-conforming twist…

Or, a 2nd marriage in black works, too.

The key to a successful wedding gown is to choose a style which suits the bride and sets the tone and theme for the festivities. If a black gown makes that work best, then, by all means, go with it.

by - Sarah Romagnoli
Wedding Dress Designer since 1991

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